Dear aspirants,
I would appraise your predilection toward this most prestigious service to the “Republic at India” in the name of IAS. I strongly think that people from all the discipline of academics like humanity, science, commerce, Engineering and medical come to administration for the growth of country. chemistry is one of the optional subject provided in the list of optional subjects in civil services and several State Public service commission. chemistry is a branch of science which deals with preparation, characterization & study of chemical compound, in universe. It is the branch of science, having interface of physical science mathematical science & biological science. That’s why it is most suitable for a student having various back ground like B.Sc. (both medical & non-medical), postgraduate students as well as engineering background students. Being a well structured & unified syllabus it requires six to eight month time to understand and expertise from examination point of view. Once you complete the syllabus of the chemistry then a good practice of previous year’s paper with our assignment makes you perfect to tackle civil services examination. our test series programme which is conducted as ‘All India Test series programme’ is still another effort from my side provide you better perfection for civil service examinations which can provide to a good marks in civil Service examinations.

For any science Graduate students either from Engineering of Non-Engineering background always remain a dilemma that science optional is success oriented or not. I strongly recommend that a science background students must take any of the science subject as optional because a science optional is more easy to understand due to the background support of students & is more reliable. All parts of subject are well defined, easy to express and these qualities always needed to achieve a good marks in any optional.

All the Best!


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